There has never been a better time for

student involvement in your campaign.

Sign up today and we will provide free resources to help you run a student internship to support your Democratic activities / campaign, including help finding interns in your area and a coach from our team to support your internship efforts. The doors your students knock on could swing the next election.


In 2017, over 100 student interns, ranging in age from 12 to 22 helped Josh Lafazan become the youngest Legislator ever elected in Nassau County, NY. These interns were the driving force that successfully flipped that district from red to blue.


Sophie Blumenthal, the founder of Move The Future, was one of those interns. She created the Move The Future Guide as a step-by-step manual to enable any Democratic candidate or group to create their own student internship program, replicate her campaign success, and create a wave of districts flipping blue.

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