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Our Story

In 2017, over 100 student interns, ranging in age from 12 to 22 helped Josh Lafazan become a Nassau County Legislator.

That's a lot of interns, but what makes this story so remarkable is that Josh wasn't supposed to win for many reasons.

  • His entire campaign consisted of himself, his campaign manager and his 100 interns.

  • The average age of his staff was 16 years old.

  • He himself was only 23 years old (and now the youngest County Legislator in Nassau County history).

  • He was running against an incumbent.

  • He was running as a Democrat in a strongly Republican district.

And yet he didn't just win - he won by a 12 point margin.

His interns knocked on doors, wrote letters, made phone calls and so much more. They drove his entire campaign.

Our founder, Sophie Blumenthal, was one of those interns.

She entered Josh Lafazan’s campaign office as a nervous soon-to-be high school freshman. Then, while her friends were going to camp or hanging out at the beach, she dedicated herself to the challenging but oh so rewarding work of the campaign.

She saw how critically important Josh’s interns were in helping him get elected and how inspiring the experience was for all involved. So she decided to turn his process into a program that could be distributed to all Democrats, enabling any progressive candidate to quickly and easily build the same kind of student internship program for their elections.

This program will help get Democratic candidates elected. Just as importantly, it will get the next generation of Democrats excited about politics and prepared to run for office themselves someday.

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