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Move The Future helps Democratic campaigns transform young political energy into informed effective action.


In 2018, the students of Move The Future advised and aided

44 campaigns in 12 states.

Our campaigns included 29 State House, 8 State Senate, and

7 US Congressional races.

But we still have work to do.

On to 2020

Mobilize students & Win your election

with our free guide in 2020.

How can Move The Future help your campaign?

Our guide empowers and enables you to build a youth internship or club to activate students in your area to work to elect Progressives for a better future. 

Our free guide book answers just about any question you might have.

  • How do I get students interested?

  • Where do I find them?

  • What do I do with them once they start?

  • How can 15 year old kids affect real change? (Side note: this program was built by a 15 year old kid.)

Plus it has resources with samples of every email, agenda, script and more that you will need.

Next November

When next November comes,

what will you have done?

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